How To Choose a Sprinkler

Impact Sprinklers and Cannons

Impact sprinklers look like this:

You know they are impact sprinklers because they ‘impact’ on themselves to spread the flow.

These always have the impact lever as a key feature.



Gear Drive Sprinklers and Cannons

Gear drive sprinklers look like this:



You know they are gear driven because you can see the gear wheel on the sprinklers. The gear drives the flow. They always have a gear wheel as a key feature.



Sprinkler Throw

This is what we refer to as a sprinkler throw:



Full Circle or Part Circle

It can be confusing because it isn’t what you would normally think. Full circle can ONLY rotate in a full circle. Therefore you will water in a complete circle every time, from the centre outwards. Part circle can water BOTH full circle, or PART of the area. The Part circle sprinkler is identifiable by an additional control piece attached to the sprinkler, which allows you to set it for the area you wish to water.




Size Indicator:

This is the actual size of the sprinkler or cannon itself. Because the angles of the sprinklers/cannons vary this size is an approximate guide to allow you to perceive the actual size of the product you are ordering. It is measured from base to height. Width is measured as if it fits into a rectangle. See example below:




Note: The size of the sprinkler or water cannon has little bearing on the performance when choosing your sprinkler.



Reading The Chart Below To Choose Which Sprinkler Is Best For Your Job.

1. Understand the FLOW you have at your disposal. This is given in litres per metre. However, the performance charts show global measurements. If you are installing a whole new system of pumps then work within a reasonable range of flow then consider the Sprinkler Throw.

2. Sprinkler Throw. What area are you looking to cover? The sprinkler throw shows the radius. The ranges given are the optimum ranges for the product. However, these ranges will vary with nozzle selection and will be affected by the installation you choose with regards to the pumps and fittings.

3. Once you have selected a range of sprinklers or cannons you can then move on to the more technical considerations by locating the sprinkler on this website and considering the performance charts for each in more detail.